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  • AC Power Supplies By Behlman Electronics, Inc.

    Behlman manufactures a broad line of AC Power supplies and Frequency converters with available power from 1,000 VA to 120,000 VA in both single-phase and three-phase output. Available with variable or fixed voltage and frequency output, manual or programmable control, with a variety of... Read More
  • AC Vane Relay Testers By Ultra-Tech Enterprises Inc.

    The “AC Vane Relay Tester” is designed to enable an operator to measure the voltage and current characteristics of AC Vane Relays and contact resistance. The relay tester relies on the external AC power at the correct relay operating frequency to provide both Local and Track voltage to the... Read More
  • AccuTrack™ Electric Trackside Applicators By Whitmore Rail

    Whitmore has a long history of innovation. Our AccuTrack Electric Trackside Applicators provide technological advancements mechanical and hydraulic lubricators can’t offer. In fact, one electric unit can typically replace several older non-electrical lubricators. Our electric applicators are... Read More
  • AEI Rail & Road Manager Program By SOFTRAIL, Inc.

    AEI Rail and Road Manager is a program that graphically shows the locations of rail vehicles on a map of a yard. The user can draw the yard map using this program. The AEI Rail and Road Manager program interfaces over a network to the AI3000 Wayside AEI Reader and our portable AEI readers. It... Read More
  • AEI RF Tags By SOFTRAIL, Inc.

    Softrail sells new and used AT5118 and AT5133 AEI tags. We also purchase used AT5118 and AT5133 tags from customers. All new and used tags have a one year warranty. Please note that used tags may not always be in stock. Read More
  • AGM64RR Diesel Locomotive Starting Battery By START PAC

    The AGM64RR is our new diesel locomotive starting battery. Utilizing fully sealed lead acid technology, the AGM64RR is a single 64VDC battery that replaces traditional, flooded batteries, and can double as a heavy-duty external jump starter. The battery is virtually maintenance free, which... Read More
  • Air Conditioning Compressors By National Compressor Exchange

    Air conditioning compressors are available from National Compressor Exchange. We employ a seven step AC compressor remanufacturing process that can provide you with a wide variety of compressors for such industrial applications as: Process applications aim to provide a suitable environment for... Read More
  • Air Hose Wrench By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4124-60 Jaw opening 2-3/8" fits hex nut on railcar air line. Weight: 9 lbs Read More
  • Air Hose Wrench By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4124-60 Jaw opening 2-3/8" fits hex nut on railcar air line. 9 lbs Read More
  • AL-102 Rolling Gauge Reader By Aldon Company, Inc.

    Item #: 4022-10 ◾ Measure up to 2 inches gauge variation while walking down the track. ◾ Spring-action telescopic assembly expands and contracts as gauge changes. ◾ Worker can read gauge while walking by looking down at a lens and gauge scale. ◾ Steel roller bearings measure... Read More
  • Alternator Slip Ring Assemblies By L & S Electric

    L&S Electric offers multiple options to meet your slip ring requirements. We have complete assemblies in stock for unit exchange and outright sale. We offer repair and return options, as well as individual slip rings for those that want to perform their own rebuilds. Rebuilds include new slip... Read More
  • Analysis By Sims Professional Engineers

    Sims Professional Engineers can bring a host of analysis tools to solve your difficult problems including stress analysis using Finite Element and classical methods, and Dynamics modeling. Read More
  • AREMA Terminal Blocks and Hardware By Twinco Manufacturing Co. Inc.

    Twinco Manufacturing stocks and manufactures all AREMA compliant Terminal Blocks and Hardware to address all your wiring needs. Read More
  • Argenia Axle Counter Sensors By Argenia Systems Inc.

    Argenia Digital Axle Counter Axle counters are the mainstay of train detection. The Argenia Digital Axle Counter is our most cost-effective unit. The sensor itself mounts on the rail with a mounting bracket. A Wayside Controller Unit (WCU) is mounted nearby which has the electronics to... Read More
  • Argenia Rapid Prototyping Service By Argenia Systems Inc.

    Argenia has the experience in rapid prototyping, including PCB design, manufacturing and software development to produce a prototype in short order. Our highly versatile team can handle any project you may have. Our wide experience can benefit your project regardless of the industry. Call for a... Read More
  • Armored Underground Signal Cables By Southwire Co.

    Southwire 600V EF EPR/PE Armored Underground Signal Cable is suited for use in vital railroad signal circuit applications where crush resistance, termite & rodent protection and secure service life are a concern. May be installed in wet or dry locations. Capable of operating continuously at a... Read More
  • Axle Counting By Frauscher Sensor Technology USA, Inc.

    Frauscher axle counters are able to provide higher-level systems with a great deal of information beyond just train detection. At the same time, they can be integrated very effectively into interlocking and signalling systems using state-of-the-art software and hardware interfaces. Connection to... Read More