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About ENSCO Rail

ENSCO Rail stands as a global leader in railway infrastructure inspection technology, extending its reach to serve governments and railways across more than 40 countries. ENSCO Rail’s state-of-the-art products and services play a pivotal role in averting train derailments and ensuring the safety of human lives, the environment, and economic interests. Operating as part of ENSCO, Inc.'s Surface Transportation Group (STG), it has served the industry for over 50 years, exemplifying a steadfast commitment to pioneering advanced technologies that enhance safety, security, and quality in rail operations. Its areas of expertise encompass automated inspection systems for track and rolling stock, asset management, and digital twin simulation and analytics. Explore the innovative strides made by ENSCO Rail’s in advancing rail technology and operations at www.ensco.com/rail.

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ENSCO engineers have led the rail industry in developing new, advanced technologies for passenger, transit, and freight transportation around the world since 1970. ENSCO’s engineering services help customers improve their operations quality, while making travel safer. We’ve built a reputation... Read more »


In addition to supplying inspection vehicles and systems, ENSCO also offers the use of vehicles and systems we own as a service to customers. ENSCO owns and operates the equipment. This provides railways and transits access to cutting edge track inspection technology and our in-house... Read more »


Automate the management of inspection schedules, maintenance, defect identification, and follow-up records with this easy-to-use-web-based software application. Gain rapid access to performance reports and ensure regulatory compliance with this simple, mobile, web-based track inspection... Read more »

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