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About Argenia Systems Inc.

Argenia specializes in railway electronic controllers for signalling and communication systems. We design and built our proprietary axle counters and matching controllers optimized for crossings, interlockings and railway communication projecst. We are a system integrator who love to get involved with making projects work. We specialize in working with your existing technology and can update it with new technologies that fit right in.

Argenia also provides consulting services and project development and management in the Communications, signaling and CBTC areas.

Our CBTC system is geared toward high performance at a lowest cost so as to be applicable by smaller railways yet deliver all of the safety features required.

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Products by Argenia Systems Inc.

By Argenia Systems Inc.

Grade crossings systems detect trains approaching a roadway crossing and activates the signals and lowers the gates. When the train leaves, it lifts the gates and deactivates the signals and bells. These are common traits of all crossings. For a single track with 25 second advanced warning for... Read more »

By Argenia Systems Inc.

Our CBTC provides for safe passenger train operations by providing resources and systems to support the human operator. Most accidents are caused by human error, so these can be eliminated. The system has three components: the on-board system, the wayside units and the back office system. These... Read more »

By Argenia Systems Inc.

The Switch Point Protection System (SPP) is used as an interlock device to prevent a track switch from activating when a train is within the zone surrounding the switch. The system is used in yards where remote control of the switch is performed from a Central control room, where the operator... Read more »

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