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Products by Twinco Manufacturing Co. Inc.
  • Switch Machines

    -Submersible Design -Compact Mechanical Switch & Lock Movement -Low Height Profile -Wayside or Mid-Track Mounting -Dual Switch Point Indication Available -Competitively Priced -Made in the U.S.A. The TMC-1 Switch Machine was conceived, designed and manufactured to address the most demanding... Read More
  • Train Stop & Motor

    -Ensures Compliance of Restrictive Signals -Variety of Layouts Available -Approved by all major North American Transit Authorities The Train Stop is used in conjunction with wayside signals in rapid transit systems to ensure observance of, and compliance with, restrictive indications. Failure... Read More
  • Impedance Bonds

    Twinco Impedance Bonds are a rugged, high quality, self-contained product, designed for electrified territories that utilize standard insulated joint isolation of signaling currents. With a long history of service and reliability with this product line, Twinco has been able to effectively... Read More
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