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Products by VTG Rail, Inc.
  • Boxcars

    -AAR Type Code R610, 62' 6" inside length, 9' 4" inside width, 10' -Single plug doors, wood floors -263k Gross Rail Load, Load Limit 172k lbs Read More
  • Bulkhead Flat Cars

    VTG Rail is proud to provide shippers with many options for bulkhead flat cars. All of our flat car selections have specific size and weight characteristics to allow you to make the most efficient choice possible. Deciding what type of railroad flat car fits your needs may be difficult, which is... Read More
  • Covered Hoppers

    VTG Rail is proud to provide shippers many options when considering our available covered hopper rail cars. We have a variety of sizes to fit your specific rail car needs. Below we have photo previews for your convenience. VTG Rail is dedicated to your satisfaction which is why we offer expert... Read More