Staticon Ltd.

Unit 5, 390 Tapscott Road
Scarborough, ON M1B 2Y9

About Staticon Ltd.

Staticon Ltd.has manufactured since its beginning in 1964 a wide range of AC/DC and DC/AC conversion equipment. Our convection cooled battery chargers, rectifiers, inverters and UPS systems have been acquired for use by underground, light rail, transit and mining operators. All our products are designed to be field serviceable with a twenty year life span.

Our Railway platform charger comes in either 32 VDC or 64 VDC outputs with capacities up to 200 amps for batteries up to 940 AH. The charger will auto start with "Soft Walk In" when connected to the battery and shut down at the end of the charge cycle. Standard options include delayed start and end volt select with other options available.

Our convection cooled Traction Rectifier is available in ratings up to 250 KVA with overload capability.

Our Stationary Product Line has several lines suitable for track side applications.

All our products are made in Canada

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