Acumentrics SOFC Corporation

19 Walpole Park South
Walpole, MA 02081

About Acumentrics SOFC Corporation

Acumentrics SOFC Corporation manufactures fuel-efficient solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) remote power generators that run on propane or natural gas, providing power for critical infrastructure applications from Mexico to above the Arctic Circle. SOFCs have been deployed for PTC and signaling applications, as well as microwave and other communications repeaters, SCADA, instrumentation & control, pumping applications and cathodic protection.
General range of output is from less than 250W to about 3,000W.
SOFCs emit only H20, CO2 and modest heat. Small and quiet, with remote monitoring capability, SOFCs operate stand-alone, ganged, or in hybrid integrated systems (e.g., SOFC/solar/battery), and will load-follow, enabling even greater fuel efficiency. Frugal fuel use and long-interval maintenance means fewer onsite visits. Contact Acumentrics for data sheets, technical and commercial white papers on a variety of subjects including ten year cost of ownership and case studies.

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