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Everest Railcar Services, Inc., (ERS) is the industry leader in providing customer centric railcar leasing products. We offer tank cars, gondolas, covered hoppers, open top hoppers, boxcars and flatcars for lease and for sale. Our customers ship a wide variety of commodities including crude oil, liquid gases, plastic pellets, scrap steel, sand, clay, cement, petroleum products, grain, coal and salt.
Our ability to act quickly and decisively in making decisions along with exceeding our customers’ expectations is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our partial client list is below.

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Products by Everest Railcar Services, Inc.

By Everest Railcar Services, Inc.

Covered hoppers are a heavily used car type due to their ability to keep the products they haul dry. Cars are loaded from the top via hatches and unloaded from outlet gates or valves. Covered hoppers are offered in many sizes and configurations ranging from 2,700 – 6,500 cu.ft. Gravity and... Read more »

By Everest Railcar Services, Inc.

Non-intermodal flat cars are a simple car design that can be modified to carry a wide variety of commodities. Everest Railcar Services, Inc. provides several flat car options to shippers ranging in size from 60 to 89 feet. These cars can be provided with or without bulkheads, with wood or steel... Read more »

By Everest Railcar Services, Inc.

Configured to be loaded and unloaded from the top side of the car gondolas range in size from 2000-8000 cu.ft. Gondolas may have flat or tub bottoms and be built from steel or aluminum. Cars can also be equipped with rotary couplers for high speed unloading. Read more »

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New Mill Gondolas

Posted 3/17/2017