Now Introducing Holland's Latest Innovation - The Laser Welder

Press Release from Holland L.P.

We're so proud to introduce our latest innovation to add onto our sparkless service offerings. Holland's LaserWelderTM creates a new standard for safer, longer lasting repairs.

Traditional repairs to frogs often only last weeks to six months before requiring additional maintenance. Holland's LaserWelderTM service includes pre-weld material removal using plasma cutting and robotically controlled hot wire laser cladding welding to build back the damaged area.

This process provides improved welding through lower heat input, on parent material, maintaining temperatures below 500 degrees. The resulting repair is higher quality, longer lasting and can be completed two to three times faster than a traditional repair weld. This helps reduce costs and maintenance time, keeping your track up and running. 

There are numerous benefits to incorporating a LaserWelder into your special track work repairs. In regard to safety, low fumes are given off and the operator is not over the fumes during the repair process. Operators can also move away while train passes on adjacent track. Efficiency is a huge benefit with repairs completed 2-3 times faster than traditional methods. Completing these repairs sooner extends life of frogs and results in a significant saving.