Brandt set to transport massive boom

Press Release from Brandt Road Rail Corporation

FEBRUARY 3, 2015


​First phase of major Joy Global project to hit the road February 3rd.

Brandt Engineered Products Ltd. is pleased to announce that they have completed the first phase of a large, highly-specialized custom manufacturing project at their location at 302 Mill St. in Regina. The project, construction of a 300 ton, 330 foot long replacement main boom for a coal dragline excavator, was awarded to Brandt in 2014 when they were selected for the work by Joy Global Surface Mining, a division of Joy Global Inc., an international mining supplier, providing a variety of mining equipment for surface and underground operations. Brandt was chosen from an international pool of heavy-duty steel fabricators as the lead manufacturer.

“We are very pleased to be called upon to help carry the flag for Saskatchewan’s custom manufacturing industry,” says Brandt President, Shaun Semple. “Our ability to deliver comprehensive solutions is unmatched and represents the capacity and expertise found within our province very well.”

This project is the first of its kind and represents a significant opportunity to open doors to future large projects to be constructed within Saskatchewan. The massive dragline boom, destined for the United States, will replace an existing boom that has reached the end of its useful life. 

“This project has involved our whole team,” adds Shawn Lamothe, Brandt Project Manager for the boom project. “Everyone from our engineering and planning team, right through to our fabrication and quality assurance people have worked together to deliver, a world-class product. Our team will continue to work diligently to ensure quality, delivery and budget objectives are met.”

Due to size and weight constraints, the boom must be shipped before Spring road bans take effect and will be moved in three phases. The first section of the boom was recently completed and will be transported from Brandt’s Regina facility to the customer location for final preparation and installation. 

The top section is scheduled to leave Regina February 3rd aboard a custom transport unit for the challenging and carefully planned move south.


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