New Score Clock Unveiled in Regina's Brandt Centre

Press Release from Brandt Road Rail Corporation

MARCH 5, 2015

 ​Brandt is a proud supporter of the Regina Pats and were honoured to be a part of the unveiling of the new score clock in Regina, Saskatchewan.    

The largest suspended score clock in Saskatchewan, this 23.4’x17’ timekeeper and the necessary upgrades to accommodate it were 100 per cent designed, built and managed in Regina by Brandt, exclusively utilizing local suppliers and tradespersons.  

The project required Brandt’s product development expertise to execute the precision engineering and manufacturing processes with an extreme degree of accuracy (imagine constructing a two-car garage down to the exact millimetre!). The Brandt team also managed the logistics of hoisting and installing the clock’s hefty 22,000-pound structure, which included reinforcing the Brandt Centre’s existing roof trusses and finding a solution for moving the mammoth system with a minimum degree of effort for non-hockey events like Cirque du Soleil, Disney on Ice or Agribition.  

“We wanted to raise the stakes for Pats fans in a big way,” says Regina Pats co-owner Shaun Semple. “When we looked at upgrading the facility, the very first thing we knew we needed to add was a score clock – and not just any traditional score clock, but a video entertainment system that allows fans to really immerse themselves in the game experience. But we knew it needed to be more than a place to watch replays. It needed to be a video system that really captured the heart and emotion that the players feel when they’re on the ice.”​  

100% designed, built and managed right here in Regina, the new Brandt Centre Score Clock is a gamechanger. 


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