Fort Worth & Western Railroad Taps CTC Inc., for Signal Maintenance and Construction

Press Release from Rio Grande Pacific Technology

Fort Worth, Texas ( July 1 , 2 0 13 ) – The Fort Worth & Western Railroad (FWWR) announced today that the railroad has entered into a 5 - year agreement with CTC Inc. (CTC) , to maintain the railroad' s grade - crossing warning system s and base radios. Currently, FWWR's rail system is 276 track miles, operating in eight North Central Texas counties. CTC will be responsible for maintaining the railroad's crossing signals, dragging equipment detection and other signal equipment that the railroad may use or install.

“Hiring CTC is part of our ov erall strategy to continue to improve our facilities,” said Steve George, FWWR president and CEO. “This is a natural fit, since both companies are headquartered in Fort Worth and place the same emphasis on safety.”

“I have a long history with the Fort Worth & Western,” said Rick Campbell, CTC’s president. “And I am extremely pleased that CTC will be working with Steve and his team to ensure that the railroad’s signals operate properly and in accordance with Federal Railroad Administration guidelines.”

In 1988, when the FWWR was first established, Campbell designed much of the signal system for the railroad and performed signal maintenance. “I’ve walked or hyrailed every part of the FWWR, so I am very familiar with the ir system and crossings,” said Campbell. According to George, CTC’s first action item will be to inventory the railroad’s 149 active crossings to establish an operational baseline.

“We’ll work with CTC to ensure their crew s understand our requirements.”

CTC will perform FRA - mandated signal inspections on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis, as well as any new signal construction.

About FWWR

The Fort Worth & Western Railroad (FWWR), a Class III short - line railroad, operates across 276 track miles between Carro llton and Ricker, Texas, with branch lines from Dublin to Gorman, Texas, and from Cresson to Cleburne, Texas. The railroad also has trackage rights in Fort Worth, Texas, where it is headquartered, and between Ricker and San Angelo Junction, Texas.

About CTC

CTC, Inc., provides communication and signaling systems, products and services for the highway and rail industries, specializing in highway - rail grade crossings that are interconnected with traffic signals. The company has delivered signal solutions for some of North America’s most complex highway – rail grade crossing intersections. In addition to preemption design, review and remediation, CTC also offers signal engineering and design, turnkey signal construction, quiet - zone implementation, forensic reconstruction of signal system operations and patented signal products for grade crossings interconnected with highway traffic signals.

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