Remote Monitoring Product Innovation

Press Release from Railway Equipment Company - RECO

Over the last 15 years we have offered remote connectivity with our switch heater product line, complete with real-time alerts that enable users to take action remotely. This has increased switch heater up-time and decreased exposure of railroad personnel to dangerous driving conditions. Users have measured and reported on the increase in switch reliability during harsh winter events. The product has been adopted across transit and freight railroads.

In an effort to make railroad operations more safe and efficient, we are now adding the remote connectivity capability to current product lines and introducing new products that leverage this technology. One of the many benefits of RECO’s switch mode charger is the ability to remotely shut the charger off and collect the voltage readings of each battery to ensure the backup power source is operating as intended.

A natural extension is the incorporation of remote monitoring in our grade crossing products. We have developed a suite of products that are able to continuously monitor crossings for exceptions, including: gate lamps not flashing, gate arms not in the correct position, flashers not flashing or out of alignment and audible crossing bells not functioning.  All of this information is fed into a central data collection device in the bungalow where it is sent to railroad maintenance personnel. We are honored to work jointly with our customers to make grade crossings safer and more efficient.

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