Amtrak To Install U.S.A. Made Narrow Band Locomotive Radios

Press Release from Ritron, Inc.


Ritron, Inc. announced Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 they have delivered the first 49 units from an order totaling 137 of the American made, RCCR - 151 - AM “ dual - mode” locomotive radios to Amtrak Passenger Rail Services, in Philadelphia, PA.

The procurement was awarded in June 2013 to Ritron's authorized dealer, Diversified E lectronics Systems located in Forest Park, GA. Carmel, Indiana based Ritron, Inc. noted that Amtrak operates more than 300 trains each day on 21,200 miles of track connecting more than 500 destinations in 46 states. In 2012, Amtrak served a record 31.2 million passengers.

Amtrak purchased Ritron's one - piece, RCCR narrow band capable model.

The radio is future "upgradeable" to the Class 1 railroad digital technology standard, referred to as "NXDN” Digital. The FCC established a January 2013 deadline for ra dio users to switch from wide band analog technology to narrow band analog or very narrow band “digital” radio technology.


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