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Products in the Railway Age Buyer's Guide

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  • Valve Actuator Systems By Midland Manufacturing Corp.

    Midland Valve Actuator Systems provide fast, automated emergency shut-off of loading and unloading valves for handling very hazardous chemicals, such as chlorine or ethylene oxide. When connected to external warning sensors such as chemical leak detectors, emergency stop switches or vibration... Read More
  • Vertical Air Conditioning and Heating Units By MacBone Industries, Ltd.

    Cooling is provided by a compression/expansion refrigeration system using refrigerant R134-A with all metal tubing (no rubber hoses). Heating is provided by using the machine's engine coolant, engine oil or hydraulic fluid. The entire heating circuit is metal tubing (no rubber hoses). Power... Read More
  • Vision-based Automatic Wayside Inspection Systems By Trimble Rail

    Beena Vision Systems Inc. is the leading manufacturer of vision-based automatic wayside inspection systems for the railroad industry. Over the last fifteen years, Beena Vision has pioneered and developed a number of innovative products using sophisticated machine vision and non-contact... Read More
  • Vital Relays And Contacts By Twinco Manufacturing Co. Inc.

    -Supplier of Both Vital and Non Vital Relays -Used in numerous Railroad and Transit Applications -Superior Quality -Meets OEM Requirements Twinco has been manufacturing components for various style relays in the Rail & Transit Industry for nearly 50 years. Their Industry knowledge and... Read More
  • V-Move electric walk along tugs By Xerowaste Solutions

    Xerowaste Solutions carries the V-Move brand which represents 15 highly capable walk-along battery powered tugs and two utility vehicles. These tugs are highly engineered and high quality to reduce your costs and lower maintenance. Safety and ergonomics are forefront with our Xerowaste V-Move... Read More