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  • Tank Cars By Everest Railcar Services, Inc.

    Everest Railcar Services, Inc. offers both general purpose and pressure tank cars for sale or lease. Our fleet ranges in size from 20,000 gallons to 33,500 gallons. Cars can be provided with insulation, steam coils, linings, along with various custom fittings and valves. Specialty tank cars can... Read More
  • Tank Cars By VTG Rail, Inc.

    VTG is happy to provide an array of options for leased tank cars. Each tank car is built to accommodate nearly any rail task you need. In fact, each of VTG’s tank cars for lease has their own unique configuration to better fit your specific needs. Below we’ve included a quick overview touching... Read More
  • TC Blue Tower and Case Wire By Southwire Co.

    Southwire 600V EF EPR/PVC TC Blue Tower and Case Wire is suited for use as relay and associated signal apparatus wiring and for connector wire use in applications where flexibility, ease of termination, small diameters, long lasting performance, and stable service life are required. May be... Read More
  • TEC-44 1" Motorized Drain Valves Stainless Steel By RYSX Railroad Equipment Specialists

    1" stainless steel body automatic blow-down ball valve for condensate removal from receiver tanks. Comes with CWI manufactured UV cover to extend screen life. Microprocessor operated ball valve designed to automatically remove condensate from deliquescent dryers, tanks, vessels, and... Read More
  • TecsPak® Springs By Miner Enterprises, Inc.

    35 years ago, a bright new idea was uncovered: Miner TecsPak® technology. Almost overnight, its unique elastomer design doubled (and in many cases tripled) life expectancies and provided a superior solution to all-steel, rubber and urethane products. Today, TecsPak technology continues to... Read More
  • Telemetry/Data/OEM Products By Ritron, Inc.

    Telemetry/Data/OEM solutions for railway data communications application from Ritron include: DTX + Series RF transceivers, DTX-Ls Series RF transceivers, DTXM RadioModem transceivers and more. Ritron designs and manufactures a variety of specialized, industrial-grade, RF transceivers for... Read More
  • TeleSwitch High Power Wireless Switch Control By Ritron, Inc.

    The TeleSwitchHP is a versatile, purpose-built, high power radio initially designed for use in the railroad industry. The radio transceiver (VHF or UHF band) includes built-in, dual DTMF decoder controlled relays. It can be used as the radio transceiver in a railroad wayside defect detection... Read More

    We offer a wide variety of cast and fabricated enclosures to include switch, terminal, push button and route selection boxes. Or you can feel free to contact us with your specs and we'll be happy to price a custom enclosure to meet your requirements. Read More
  • Testing By Sims Professional Engineers

    Sims Professional Engineers provides project management and oversight to your test project by applying expertise to formulate test plans; supervise and control testing in laboratory and field settings; and documenting the results. Our extensive test experience and wide breadth of industry... Read More
  • Throttle Assist Gateway By Central Railway Manufacturing

    The Throttle Assist Gateway provides a stand-alone communications-based physical control stand interface to allow a host computer to access and control locomotive throttles. Throttle signals from the control stand and train-line are intercepted by TAG, and are either passed through to the local... Read More
  • Tilt Down Tower - aka Tilt Tower By Western Towers

    Various heights available from 20 to 80 feet. Towers can tilt down to ground level. Solid Steel Construction Means solid corrosion protection. Meets or exceeds latest EIA criteria. Hot Dip Galvanization Zinc coating on all hardware and components meet EIA and AGS standards. Wind... Read More
  • Tools By PowerRail

    PowerRail, an M-1003 Quality Company offers a complete line of Tools which meet or exceed OEM specifications. Gauge Hand Tool Misc. Power Tool Read More
  • TraCast™ Crossing By OMNI Products, Inc

    The OMNI TraCast™ grade crossing design is a system of precast concrete modules with a minimum compressive strength of 6,000 psi. Elastic fasteners are used to secure the rail to the base of the rail troughs. The module design eliminates the use of ties and ballast. A continuous protective... Read More
  • Track Inspection Services By National Railroad Safety Services, Inc.

    NRSS has been providing qualified Track Inspectors for various types of projects for many years now. These projects have included; high speed passenger rail, railroad internal “capital” improvement projects, Tiger Grant funded track projects, industry yard expansion/improvements and routine... Read More
  • Track Maintenance & Removal By Creative Railcar Marketing Services II LLC

    Sometimes, track conditions become beyond repair. When it is time to pull up that old track, call CRMS! Whether you need to pull it up for scrap or relay, CRMS has crews to suit your needs. Let CRMS do all of the hard work for you. We can pull the track, arrange for transportation, and sell... Read More
  • Track Signal Sniffer By Ultra-Tech Enterprises Inc.

    The Track Signal Sniffer is a self contained microprocessor based test system designed for railway workers to quickly test or calibrate cab signal frequencies and code rates on the rail using a current probe around one rail. It measures and displays the cab signal frequencies, code rates, duty... Read More
  • Track Switch Heaters By Railway Equipment Company - RECO

    RECo's full line of track switch heaters and accessories can be found across North America. By leveraging the latest technology in sensing control and heating design, our heaters continue to evolve to ensure maximum switch protection in the most adverse conditions. The product line includes: Gas... Read More
  • Track Utility Vehicle (TUV) By ARVA Industries Inc.

    · The TUV has a Tier IV Cummins QSL9-380hp Diesel Engine. · The TUV can reach a top speed of 40 mph (64km/hr.). · Can Travel and Operate in either direction · Climate controlled Cabs at each end · Hydrostatic Drive · Leaf Pressure Sprayer 44gpm at 10,000 psi · Snow Plow & Snow Blower... Read More
  • Track Vacuum Car (TVC) By ARVA Industries Inc.

    • 2 stage vacuuming – Debris collection & Dust collection • Dirt and Debris container will be able to store 10 m³ • Fine dust/Filter compartment will be able to store 9 m³ • 20 cubic yard, side dump debris bin• Vacuums entire Roadbed and under platforms in both directions • External Suction... Read More
  • Traction Motor, Generator & Alternator Repair By L & S Electric

    L&S Electric is a complete repair center specializing in the repair, rebuilding, and rewinding of traction motors, generators, and alternators used in rail applications. Our experience in repairing rail equipment is second to none: our repair processes are performed to meet current OEM... Read More
  • Train Stop & Motor By Twinco Manufacturing Co. Inc.

    -Ensures Compliance of Restrictive Signals -Variety of Layouts Available -Approved by all major North American Transit Authorities The Train Stop is used in conjunction with wayside signals in rapid transit systems to ensure observance of, and compliance with, restrictive indications. Failure... Read More

    Our extensive repair experience spans the full spectrum of transit and intercity passenger cars. Equipped for any job size, we’ll upgrade your cars with the newest technologies as well as the safest and most comfortable equipment to ensure return passengers. We’re equally adept at significantly... Read More
  • TransSuite® Video Control System By TransCore Inc.

    The TransSuite® Video Control System (VCS) is TransCore’s industry-leading CCTV control system and is designed to meet a wide range of CCTV system needs supporting both digital and analog video. TransSuite VCS can be configured to support DVRs, TV tuners, compound switches, etc. if... Read More
  • Trimble C2M System By Trimble Rail

    Trimble C2M: Component Condition Monitoring Trimble C2M provides full condition monitoring identifying the condition of all the key components being monitored and reports on defect identification, wear detection, and automates maintenance planning. The system utilizes a combination of... Read More
  • Trimble E2M System By Trimble Rail

    Trimble E2M: Engineering Maintenance Management Trimble® E2M is an engineering asset and maintenance management system. Designed specifically for the rail sector it manages and controls assets and components, streamlines parts and materials usage, and oversees resource and procurement... Read More
  • Trimble GEDO Systems By Trimble Rail

    Throughout their lifecycle, rail operators demand efficient approaches to planning, construction, operations, maintenance, and expansion. These applications call for innovative solutions for measurement and information management. Based on decades of experience in the railway industry, Trimble... Read More
  • Trimble Juno T41 R-AEI Handheld By Trimble Rail

    The Trimble® Juno® T41 R-AEI is a mobile handheld industrial computer with an integrated Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) RFID capability designed to read rail-industry specific AEI tags and the EPC tags that are used all over the world, at the same time, with high accuracy, and at safe distances for... Read More
  • Trimble P2M System By Trimble Rail

    Trimble P2M: Planning & Performance Management The Trimble P2M in-service performance planning and management system uses timetable, actual vehicle location, and real-time diagnostic information to identify the root cause of delays and to plan journeys for optimum timetable adherence. Through... Read More
  • Trimble R2M System By Trimble Rail

    Trimble R2M: Real-time Remote Diagnostic Monitoring Using a combination of shore-based software and on-train hardware Trimble R2M processes diagnostic data from rail vehicles in real time. It provides a comprehensive view of overall fleet status including specific vehicle faults and... Read More
  • Truck and Combo Repair By L & S Electric

    L&S Electric provides all-inclusive truck and combo repair services. We offer complete inspection and reconditioning or repair as necessary. Truck and Combo Repair Services • Complete locomotive truck rebuilds • Traction motor combo inspection • Gearbox inspection • Wheel and axle... Read More
  • Truck and Crane Parts By Aspen Equipment Co.

    Aspen Equipment understands the importance of supporting your equipment. We offer more than 25 years of combined parts experience and a 5,000 square foot warehouse to keep your equipment working for you. In addition to our own product lines, we also offer parts and service for several... Read More
  • Truck Parts and Components By PowerRail

    PowerRail, an M-1003 Quality Company, offers a complete line of Truck Parts and components to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on the Manufacturing and Remanufacturing that is done at our facilities, right here in the United States, allowing us to offer Quality and Service at a competitive... Read More
  • Turntable Washers By R.G.Hanson

    The turntable washer is by far our best selling design. The large number of options available for this unit make it very versatile and a great addition in most industrial applications. Read More