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  • Sargas AEI Reader RF Module By SOFTRAIL, Inc.

    The Sargas RF Reader is a state-of-the-art RF tag reader that has been modified to meet railroad requirements. It is our preferred RF reader because of its advanced capabilities and direct network connection. It is used in our AI3000 Wayside Network AEI Reader System . The Sargas reader reads... Read More
  • Self Support Tower By Western Towers

    Solid Steel Construction Means solid corrosion protection, meeting or exceeding the latest EIA criteria and comes with a five year warranty on labor & materials. Hot Dip Galvanization Zinc coating on all hardware and components meet EIA and AGS standards. Wind Force Western's self-supporting... Read More
  • Semi-Hermetic Compressors By National Compressor Exchange

    Semi-hermetic compressors are available from National Compressor Exchange. Semi-hermetic compressors can be seen in our catalog and include the Carrier/Carlyle semi-hermetic compressors. One such compressor is the Model 06D Reciprocating Semi-Hermetic AC Duty with optional hot gas bypass (HGBP)... Read More
  • Sentinel Solutions By Global Ingress, Inc.

    More than ever before, rail operators, shippers and travelers all count on trains arriving on time and at the scheduled destination. Delayed shipments and travelers have a negative impact on reputation, profitability and productivity. Globally, switch failures are consistently the primary cause... Read More
  • Series 7890 Veeder-Root Meter Register / Printer By Railyard Supply

    High-visibility display for optimum readability in all lighting. Bulletproof construction for maximum dependability at high delivery speeds. Positive-action knob reset avoids errors. Built-in precision totalizer means accurate readings up to 99,999,999 units. Versatile design fits all popular... Read More
  • Shunt Enclosure By Interrail Signal, Inc.

    Interrail’s shunt enclosure is constructed of rugged schedule 40 PVC pipe and is installed above ground at a safe distance from the tracks, providing safe and easy access. Inside, the shunt or coupler sits on a support bracket and is attached to the mounting post with sturdy tie wraps. There is... Read More
  • Shunts & Braided Connectors By Hoyt Corporation

    Hoyt provides a wide array of low-to-medium voltage flexible connectors used in vibration motor mount and transformer applications. The Hoyt flexible braided custom connectors are produced from either braided copper wire or thin-leaf copper strips. Hoyt shunts feature solid-tube end... Read More
  • Signal Construction By R.J. Corman Railroad Group

    Whether it’s an individual highway crossing or a large, multi-faceted turnkey signal construction project, we are equipped to build the road bed and to do everything related to track, signal and communications, with the same work force, same equipment. Services Include: Project... Read More
  • Signal Construction | Project Management By CTC, Inc.

    What happens after engineering and design? Bringing it all together takes seasoned project management and a dedicated crew of construction professionals. CTC offers turnkey signal construction project management. We will estimate the project, build timelines, manage material procurement to... Read More
  • Signal Design & Engineering Services By Global Ingress, Inc.

    Our Rail Signal Design and Engineering Services are focused on design work of new and existing signaling platforms, legacy relay based and electronic systems, existing switch machines and more. Our engineering Services focus on signal design work on existing platforms like VHLC, ElectroLogIXS,... Read More
  • Signal Engineering By R.J. Corman Railroad Group

    At the core, we have engineering talent from every facet of railroading, from the largest and most respected Class One railroads, signal equipment manufacturers and signal service companies. Our employees have designed everything from the simplest highway crossings to the most complex... Read More
  • Signal Maintenance Services By R.J. Corman Railroad Group

    Talk to us today about the signaling maintenance services we can provide. We are one of the few full service signal companies that talks the talk and walks the walk. Every employee in the company is e-RAILSAFE and Roadway Worker Training certified. Maybe that sounds extreme for a signal company,... Read More
  • Signal Maintenance Services By National Railroad Safety Services, Inc.

    NRSS is now offering affordable, professional Signal Maintenance Services nationwide. All NRSS Signal Maintainers are full time experienced employees that have the knowledge and the tools to provide proper maintenance of your roadway grade crossing warning systems, interlockers, centralized... Read More
  • Signaling Capabilities By R.J. Corman Railroad Group

    R. J. Corman Signaling can meet the toughest signaling demands by reducing overall project cost and lead time, and by doing the job right the first time. From designing a simple highway crossing warning system to providing a complete turnkey signaling solution, we bring that same well-renowned... Read More
  • Signals & Communications Services By RailWorks

    RailWorks performs work in all settings, from rural locations to bustling cities, from factories to national parks. Our customers are Class 1 and regional railroads, industries served by rail, municipalities, historical societies and any other entity with a rail interest. We bring together our... Read More
  • Speed and Temperature Sensors By Smith Systems Inc.

    Smith Systems, Inc. manufactures speed, motion, and temperature sensors Designed to Survive® in your operating environment. We offer standard designs, or customizable option for use in your equipment. We also can reverse-engineer parts and work off of specifications that you supply to us in... Read More
  • Speed-O-Calibrator By Ultra-Tech Enterprises Inc.

    The Speed-O-Calibrator consists of two sections, control box and drive unit. The control box is stored inside the drive unit for easy portability. The control box weighs less than 6 lbs and is used in the cab of a locomotive to control the speed of the Axle Alternator Drive Unit. The Drive Unit... Read More
  • Standard Electrical Contacts By Hoyt Corporation

    Motor Control Replacement Contact Kits- Are you looking for high-quality, low-cost replacement parts for electrical starters or contactors? Our replacement parts and kits — compatible with contacts from major manufacturers, like Allen Bradley, Arrow Hart, General Electric, Siemens-Allis,... Read More
  • Standard Relay Testers By Ultra-Tech Enterprises Inc.

    14318-00, STANDARD MULTIPLE RELAY TESTER Rugged, lightweight, water resistant, field-proven enclosure. Digital multimeter. 14570-00, STANDARD RELAY TESTER W/ BATTERY Rugged, lightweight, water resistant, field proven enclosure. Internal rechargeable sealed 12 VDC battery pack. Digital... Read More
  • Stanray M1 Above-Floor Wheel Truing Machine By Simmons Machine Tool Corporation

    The Stanray® M1 is an above-floor railway wheel truing machine for re-profiling wheel treads on individual wheel sets or complete bogie assemblies. Utilizing proven Stanray wheel profile milling technology, the M1 performs fully automatic measuring and cutting cycles while managing extreme wheel... Read More
  • Stanray TN-84C Underfloor Wheel Truing Machine By Simmons Machine Tool Corporation

    The Stanray's simplicity in design makes the machine ideal for heavy duty, heavy haul locomotive and rail vehicle wheel re-profiling. Railways throughout the world in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Africa, and India depend on the Stanray's productivity and durability. The machine is simple... Read More
  • Steel Car Parts & Manufacturing By CAD Railway Industries LTD

    Our steel and railcar parts fabrication department is better known in the industry as Prime Railway Services. Prime has been supplying railcar doors and components to railcar manufacturing and repair facilities for more than a decade. We are currently expanding our product offering in order to... Read More
  • Steel Plate By Leeco Steel

    Carbon, HSLA, ABS, API, DNV As-Rolled & Normalized Abrasion Reistant Ballistic Read More
  • Switch Machines By Twinco Manufacturing Co. Inc.

    -Submersible Design -Compact Mechanical Switch & Lock Movement -Low Height Profile -Wayside or Mid-Track Mounting -Dual Switch Point Indication Available -Competitively Priced -Made in the U.S.A. The TMC-1 Switch Machine was conceived, designed and manufactured to address the most demanding... Read More
  • SwitchBlade® Switch Heaters By Thermon Heating Systems Inc

    The patented SwitchBlade® flat electric switch heater is designed solely for the rugged rail industry. Its quality, stainless steel construction ensures trouble-free operation and long service life. The SwitchBlade® heaters flat profile provides maximum heat transfer and is the most efficient... Read More
  • Switchgear Contacts By Hoyt Corporation

    Hoyt’s largest growth area in recent years has been aimed at servicing the utility grade switchgear markets, manufacturing components for a variety of low and medium voltage applications, including circuit breakers, LTC voltage regulators, reclosers, disconnects, SF6 gas interrupters, automatic... Read More
  • Switching By Rescar Companies

    We provide switching services across North America. Rescar customers range from one of the largest refineries in the U.S. to smaller facilities serve by mobile railcar movers a few days a week. At some facilities we simply handle daily switching duties to keep cars moving safely and... Read More