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  • R.G.Hanson Block Washers For The Rail Industry By R.G.Hanson

    Block washers for your 16 and 20 cylinder blocks. Gas, electric or steam heat, 200 PSI @ 500 GPM. Sludge drag-automatic clean nozzle system- comes with loading cart and rotator. The operator loads from an overhead crane and the cart automatically moves the block into the cleaning position. The... Read More
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) By TransCore Inc.

    Our ability to capture data then integrate with our in-transit visibility, maintenance, repair yard, and inventory management service offerings provides a unique capability within the transport industry. The combination provides seamless integration for rail, truck, barge, chassis container, and... Read More
  • Rail Auxiliary Equipment Repair By L & S Electric

    L&S Electric provides complete repair services for all rail auxiliary equipment. We provide complete inspection and reconditioning or repair as necessary for: • Cooling fans • AC/DC auxiliary generators • Dynamic brake grid blowers • Traction motor blowers • Inertial blowers Capabilities •... Read More
  • Rail Car Products By Holland L.P.

    Holland's experience, expertise, and dedication to providing quality mechanical products to the railroad industry are unmatched. Our design and development team, with input from our customers, meticulously assesses rail car and lading requirements. Through this partnership approach to design, we... Read More
  • Rail Car Services By Holland L.P.

    Holland provides a number of rail car services including rail car inspection and repair services with shop locations and mobile operating equipment and crews throughout North America. Our capabilities include rail car cleaning, both wet and dry available through fixed sites or on-demand/mobile... Read More
  • Rail Development: Expansion By ConnectWork

    The process of finding the right partners and developing a strategy can be intimidating. We will help guide you along your path to growth and expansion. Our experienced rail development team is dedicated to making sure that you feel confident in making the next big leap in your business Read More
  • Rail Development: Funding By ConnectWork

    Many companies lack the exposure and knowledge of local and national small business programs that are aimed at reviving or expanding your current operation. We will strive to minimize your financial exposure by connecting you with many of these programs that serve to help support small business... Read More
  • Rail Development: Incumbent Development Programs By ConnectWork

    Creating training programs can be a daunting task. You will need to address many important factors such as instructors, training materials, regulations, local entities, and industry standards. With our support we can help you ask the correct questions to ensure you are on the right track Read More
  • Rail Running Boards By Miner Enterprises, Inc.

    Miner's newest product offering coming from North America’s leading manufacturer and fabricator of premier bar grating, diamond safety grating, and round hole safety grating products for rail applications. From repair shop orders to OEM projects, Miner has a large selection of designs to meet... Read More
  • RailArmor® Rail Lubricant By Whitmore Rail

    Rail curve protection taken to the next level. Railroads incur significant costs grinding and replacing rails due to the enormous friction at the rail-wheel interface. By reducing the friction at the rail-wheel interface, Whitmore rail curve lubricants reduce wheel flange and rail wear, extend... Read More
  • Railcar Cleaning By Rescar Companies

    - Tanks - Covered Hoppers - General Freight Car - Heavy Dig Outs - Flaring/Degassing - Nitrogen Padding - Non-metallic Abrasive Blasting Read More
  • Railcar Cleaning & Maintenance By Creative Railcar Marketing Services II LLC

    CRMS represents a network of strategically located railcar cleaning and maintenance facilities. These facilities offer diverse services - from basic railcar wash outs to full-service cleaning and maintenance. We also offer regular reporting to assist in management of fleet data. We will create... Read More
  • Railcar Coating and Lining By Rescar Companies

    - Interior Coating Application - Exterior Coating Application - Interior Coating and Lining Repair - Interior Coating Removal - Spark Testing Read More
  • Railcar Repair By Rescar Companies

    - Railcar General Repair - Wreck Repair - Valve Repair / Replacement - Wheelset Replacement - Certified Code Welding - Mobile Repair Read More
  • Railcar Testing and Inspection By Rescar Companies

    - Railcar Interchange/Mechanical Inspection - Interior Coating Inspection Railcar - Stub Sill Inspection (SS-3) - AAR Rule 88.B.2 Inspection - Tank Car Qualification - Bubble Leak Testing - Interior Heater Coil Testing - Safety Valve Testing - Air Brake Testing - Non-Destructive Testing Read More
  • RailGuard™ VRA Crossing By OMNI Products, Inc

    OMNI Virgin Rubber RailGuard™ (VRA) is made from 100% virgin rubber. VRA protects the track structure by absorbing traffic impact loads, provides a positive flangeway which controls surface water runoff, and prevents breakup of the asphalt at the rail interface. The VRA design has several... Read More
  • Rail-NETTM Remote Asset Management By Railway Equipment Company - RECO

    Do you have assets that range from easy accessibility via wayside roads, to having to receive track authority to access the asset via a high-rail truck? Does maintenance, inspection, and upkeep prove difficult when resources are limited and conditions can be dangerous? Railway Equipment... Read More
  • Railroad Equipment Service By Aviation Equipment Service

    We are now servicing railroad equipment! Aviation Equipment Service provides elite repairs and service for railroad jacks and hydraulic equipment. With our complete machine shop, we can provide prompt and expert service for all types of hydraulic and mechanical jacks and railroad equipment.... Read More
  • Railroad Signals By CDL Electric

    We provide FRA required monthly, quarterly, and annual inspections and maintenance. Our maintenance program includes troubleshooting, repair, material supply, and rehabilitiation services. Read More
  • Railroad Training Services By National Railroad Safety Services, Inc.

    NRSS offers a variety of affordable training services, on your terms. NRSS will customize a training program that fits your railroad's specific needs. Our trainers are dedicated to teaching railroaders and contractors how to work safely every day. Training classes can be conducted at one of our... Read More
  • Rapid Deployment (RDT) Tower® By Western Towers

    Foundation and Tower Installed in ONE DAY! Tower Heights Available from 20' to 120' with a pre-cast, pre-engineered modular concrete foundation for quick and inexpensive installations. Towers are available in heavy and light configurations. Poured or precast foundations available. In many... Read More
  • Reciprocating Compressors By National Compressor Exchange

    National Compressor Exchange offers reciprocating compressors. We offer reciprocating compressors in a wide array of types and for many applications. Primarily, they can be used in oil refineries, gas pipelines, chemical plants, natural gas processing plants and refrigeration plants as well as... Read More
  • Recruiting By Edna Rice Executive Recruiters

    Recruiting from supervisors to CEO's in Transportation, Public Transportation - bus, rail, mobility, Transportation - rail, freight, transit, trucking, Transportation signalling, Private Equity - infrastructure and transportation, Intermodal recruiting, Marine Shipping, Transportation... Read More
  • Reliable Hiring Source By ConnectWork

    ConnectWork offers a rail industry focused recruiting database.  Our plans are reasonably priced, empowering businesses with the ability to hire more efficiently. Get access to over 3000 + qualified applicants 24 Rail related occupations Search a total of 24 Rail specific occupations in... Read More
  • Ritron XT Series Callboxes By Ritron, Inc.

    Put wireless communication right where you need it! The XT Series heavy-duty callbox will allow you to maximize manpower efficiency, improve safety, security and service response times. Deploys easily - no wires, no trenching, no construction required. The XT Series provides extra durability... Read More
  • Roof Top Air Conditioning and Heating Units By MacBone Industries, Ltd.

    Cooling is provided by a compression/expansion refrigeration system using refrigerant R134-A with all metal tubing (no rubber hoses). Heating is provided by using the machine's engine coolant, engine oil or hydraulic fluid. The entire heating circuit is metal tubing (no rubber hoses). Power for... Read More
  • Running Boards By Phoenix Railway Equipment

    Diamond or Round hole shaped tread surface running boards width -24 19 18 15 12 10 8 or any other Any length Any Flange All shapes and cutouts Any car type Covered Hopper Coil Steel Gon Intermodal Tank Box Ballast. Read More