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  • Okonite Armored Underground Signal Cables By The Okonite Company

    Okonite Armored Underground Signal Cables are designed for use in all vital railroad signal circuits where security of service and long life are required in all vital circuit and safety related applications. These cables are recommended for use where crush resistance, termite and rodent... Read More
  • Okonite® By The Okonite Company

    Okonite-Okolene 600V Duplex Track Wire is recommended for use in track circuits, signal operations, car retarder and switch machine applications. Can be installed in either wet or dry locations, in conduit trays or trough or buried direct. Specifications Conductor: Solid uncoated copper per... Read More
  • Okonite® TC Blue Tower and Case Wire By The Okonite Company

    Okonite Tower and Case Wire is recommended for use as relay and associated signal apparatus wiring and for connector wire use where a flexible, small diameter wire is required. Specifications Conductor: Uncoated stranded copper stranded per ASTM B-8. Insulation: Per ICEA S-95-658. Meets or... Read More
  • On-Board Hot Bearing Detection Systems By Ultra-Tech Enterprises Inc.

    Ultra-Tech's family of On-Board Hot-Bearing Detection systems are self-contained, microprocessor based systems specifically designed to provide on-board Surveillance System for monitoring AC traction motor bearing and wheel bearing temperatures of railway trucks. The primary function of our... Read More
  • Open Top Hoppers By Everest Railcar Services, Inc.

    Open-Top hoppers are top loaded and typically unloaded through gates on the bottom of the cars. They can be found in a wide range of sizes from 2,300 cubic feet to 5,000+ cubic feet. Equipped with open tops and bottom outlets this car type has the capability to move a wide variety of products. Read More
  • Open Top Hoppers By VTG Rail, Inc.

    Our available open top hoppers come in a variety of sizes to help meet your specific railcar shipping needs. Our selections below feature a sampling of what is available. We offer expert customer service to help walk you through any details or questions you may have regarding your railcar... Read More