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  • 1000/1000+ Series 1.0 - 3.0kVA By Toshiba Intl Corp

    1000 Series is a single phase UPS 120V or 230. Available in 1.0kVA, 1.5kVA, 2.0kVA & 3.0kVA. This series offers both the tower and the rack mount design solutions. As a double conversion on-line UPS, it is able to supply uninterrupted, clean single-phase power to your critical system.... Read More
  • 1600XPi/XP 3.6-22kVA By Toshiba Intl Corp

    1600XPi/XP Series is single phase 208/240Vin 208/240/120Vout double-conversion UPS, available in a range of sizes: 3.6kVA, 6.0kVA, 8kVA, 10.0kVA, 14kVA, 18kVA & 22kVA. This series offers a tower design solution with a LCD touch-screen display that provides unmatched access for UPS monitoring and... Read More
  • 3324RR Lightweight Mobile Locomotive Starter Unit By START PAC

    Start Pac carries the leading railroad locomotive starter unit on the market. This Patent Pending lightweight mobile ground power unit is designed to directly start the locomotive engine when the locomotive battery is not sufficiently charged or capable of starting the engine. The 3324RR... Read More
  • 35T Rail Bound Crane By ARVA Industries Inc.

    ARVA 35 Ton – Rail Crane •Designed to Lift & Place 40 ft. Track Panels inside Transit Tunnels •Capable of lifting 15,000lb. Track Panel at zero-degree Boom Angle – at 20ft. in front of coupler •Capable of travel while carrying the weight without the use of outriggers •Boom Angle Range: -6 deg.... Read More
  • 35-TON RAIL CRANE By ARVA Industries Inc.

    35-ton, hydrostatic, 4 axle drive rail crane designed to lift and place 40′ track panels inside transit tunnels -Capable of lifting 15,000 lbs. with boom at 0° -Equal capacity and reach over both ends – boom length able to reach 40′ (with jib) out front of the coupler at full extension on a... Read More
  • 3M Scotchgard Multi-layer Protective Film By 3M Company

    View 3M's new online video to learn more about this proprietary 4-layer film. See how the film instantly peels away graffiti and leaves no residue behind. Fast removal helps transit authorities keep more vehicles in service. Transit Market Applications: - Bus windows - Rail windows - Restroom... Read More
  • 3M™ Tape-Attached Automotive Accerrories By 3M Company

    For over 40 years 3M's automotive attachment tape scientists have kept pace with the ever-changing automotive industry and its wide array of surfaces. The unique construction and relaxation qualities of 3M's automotive attachment tapes provide the automotive industry with some of the strongest... Read More
  • 4261D Butterfly Valve By AMOT

    4261D Butterfly Valves help prevent diesel engine runaway. Diesel runaway is a constant problem, injuring personnel and causing severe damage to equipment every year. A diesel engine will runaway and self destruct on hydrocarbon vapors, even if the engine’s primary source of fuel is taken away.... Read More
  • 4400 Series 15-80kVA By Toshiba Intl Corp

    The Toshiba 4400 Series uninterruptible power system (UPS) is the next-generation three-phase UPS. The double-conversion, all insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) 4400 Series UPS features a digitally controlled IGBT input rectifier, an intelligent low harmonic pulse-width modulation (PWM)... Read More
  • 6260 Multi-Purpose Machine By Mineral Products Inc.

    The MPI flagship equipment, the 6260 Multi-Purpose Machine, is a fantastic track cleaning machine that is built with the rail industry in mind. The 6260 is unique with the ability to have one machine with multiple interchangeable processing heads and discharge attachments. This allows the 6260... Read More

    The 200hp 6260 Cold Air Blower front attachment will produce 9,500 cfm of air with a 275 mile per hour air speed discharge. The Cold Air Blower swing can be rotated 180 degrees left to right which allows for a seventeen-foot clearing width. The discharge nozzle can also be rotated 180 degrees... Read More
  • 6260 MULTI-PURPOSE MACHINE—GRINDER HEAD By Mineral Products Inc.

    Efficiently removing frozen materials, such as taconite or ice, and wet, sticky materials, like bentonite, from railroad tracks has been a longstanding challenge. The MPI 6260 Grinder Head attachment solves this problem by providing a continuous grind and removal of all material in one pass.... Read More

    The Sand Removal Head and Long Reach Discharge Swing Conveyor attachment will make short work of removing sand from rail yards or tracks. Read More

    The Snow Loading Head and the Snow Blower attachment has the ability to move 1,200 cubic yards or about 2,000 pounds of snow per hour. Capable of casting the snow, depending on the weather, 150 feet away. This combination front and rear attachment can be utilized in many different areas... Read More

    The 6260 Trencher Head is capable of trenching through concrete, asphalt, rock, dirt or a combination of these. The wheel cutters are interchangeable and are available in various widths and diameters. The trenching head directs the excavated material to the long conveyor for disposal. The swing... Read More
  • 6260 MULTI-PURPOSE MACHINE—V4 BROOM HEAD By Mineral Products Inc.

    The V4 Broom head is perfect for railyards and rail-tracks with the ability to pick up a variety of material from rail-car spillage. The 6260 can deposit the spilled material almost anywhere with the rear swing conveyors. The rear swing conveyor can continuously deposit the material directly... Read More
  • 645 and 710 Cylinder Heads By Clark Industrial Power LLC

    Clark Industrial Power has a powerful advantage in the cylinder head market, using state of the art casting techniques to maintain excellent coolant flow and heat transfer on the firing deck and throughout the cylinder head. Each component is visually inspected internally in addition to over 39... Read More
  • 645 and 710 Cylinder Liners By Clark Industrial Power LLC

    The Clark Industrial Power cylinder liners are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology providing our customers with a one piece design. Our advanced structural technology reduces stress concentration, thus yielding outstanding dependability which translates to cost-saving for our customers Read More
  • 645 and 710 Pistons By Clark Industrial Power LLC

    Demand for product excellence has never been greater. Aware of this demand, Clark Industrial Power's Pistons are manufactured for improved wear resistance. The quality tooling of our piston’s ring grooves as well as our attention to the exterior piston coatings which are done in house, are... Read More
  • 645 and 710 Power Assemblies By Clark Industrial Power LLC

    Clark Industrial Power manufactures quality EMD™ aftermarket power assemblies that are used in either locomotive, marine, or stationary applications. A Clark low oil consumption power assembly is a complete unit consisting of all major components in a cylinder. This includes: radial flow... Read More