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  • L&W WAREHOUSE By L&W Industries, LLC

    We understand how important it is to keep things moving. That's why we offer more than 4,000 total products, and maintain stock on more than 200 items ready to ship in 48 hours or less from our 50,000 sq ft facility centrally located in Springfield, Mo. Take a moment to explore our warehouse and... Read More
  • Laser Welding By Holland L.P.

    Special trackwork such as frogs and crossing diamonds have long been a challenge to maintain and repair in the field. Traditional repairs to frogs often only last weeks to six months before requiring additional maintenance. Holland's LaserWelder uses laser additive technology and deploys... Read More
  • LED Blankout Grade Crossing Signals By Signal-Tech

    Pre-emptive LED blankout signals alert motorists to changing traffic patterns. Signal-Tech LED blank out signs illuminate the message when activated and blank out when deactivated. Rugged sign cabinets are corrosion resistant with a IP66/NEMA 4X rating and can be engineered as single or... Read More
  • LED Blankout Second (2nd) Train Coming Signals By Signal-Tech

    Signal-Tech manufactures LED blankout signals to your specifications for second train coming and other railroad crossing warnings. Blankout signals are available in 12-24VDC or 100-240VAC. LED blankout second (2nd) train coming signals have been shown to enhance safety at railroad grade crossings. Read More
  • LED Rail Safety Signage By Signal-Tech

    Signal-Tech's dynamic message signs equipped with LED lights are designed to illuminate a message or symbol when activated and blank out the message or make the message extinguish when deactivated. Our LED blank out signs can also be designed to flash and emit an audio alarm when the message is... Read More
  • Lights and Lamps By Railway Equipment Company - RECO

    The EZ Gate LED Lamp Kit was designed to offer quick mounting and connecting of cords and lamps reducing maintenance time and labor costs. The lamp assembly has an exclusive three pin socket which mate with the coil cord plug connector. This exclusive pin feature allows the cord to be plugged... Read More
  • Loco & Rail Car Repair By Ontario Northland Remanufacturing and Repair Centre

    Companies have been telling me they have challenges finding quality repair and storage services in Eastern Canada. I am the Sales and Business Development Manager for Ontario Northland’s Re-manufacturing and Repair Division. Ontario Northland is the market leader for high quality refurbishment... Read More
  • Locomotive Batteries By JMA Rail Road Supply

    We have Mono-block & Unitized Batteries built & on the shelf. They are just waiting on your PO to be boosted & shipped to your location. Call us for more information! Read More
  • Locomotive Communication Router By Central Railway Manufacturing

    The LCR is a communications product that is designed to interface any serial port on a locomotive and bridge that connection to the LDARS Ethernet on-board network. It comes equipped with three switched Ethernet ports and two fully isolated software programmable 1200 to 115.2kbaud... Read More
  • Locomotive Event Acquisition Module By Central Railway Manufacturing

    The advancement of FRA recording requirements due to the evolution of safety standards in the freight industry presents unique locomotive maintenance issues. The LEAM was specifically designed to allow CRM customers to update their current fleets of Quantum® recorders with minimal impact to... Read More

    At CadRI, we get your locomotives back in service as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our repair and remanufacturing expertise run the gamut: brake systems, microprocessor applications, fuel efficiency, truck rebuilding, electrical upgrades, and more. Regarding older equipment, we’re... Read More
  • Locomotive Seating By JMA Rail Road Supply

    USSC designs, engineers, and manufactures high quality seats for the locomotive industry. As a leader in the industry, USSC continues to develop the most durable, comfortable, and ergonomically designed seats to reduce fatigue and stress. Available in appropriate seat sizes for a variety of... Read More
  • Locomotive Services By Holland L.P.

    Our technicians provide a variety of daily servicing activities including filling critical levels of sand, oil, water, fuel, brake shoe inspections, crew packs, cab and sanitary maintenance, disposal and much more. Extended services include camera installations, fuel sensors, electronic quick... Read More
  • Locomotive Wraps By Reidler Railroad Graphics

    Create a brand new look or refresh your current design. There are so many options available when wrapping a locomotive. Read More
  • Locomotives for Sale. By Motive Power Resources, Inc.

    A broad selection of different Locomotives available for purchase. Read More
  • Loop AM3440 By Loop Telecommunications International

    Loop AM3440 is the most popular telecom equipment for SCADA and substation communication networks. Its custom design and unique features include the following. C37.94 interface card for teleprotelecion channels OCU-DP card for legacy SCADA communications Interface cards for... Read More
  • Loop IP6510-LN Multiple WAN Router By Loop Telecommunications International

    The IP6510-LN Multiple WAN Edge Router has IPv4/IPv6 dual stack functionality and Level 3 Routing in a single unified device. It is suitable for large deployments that require only moderate bandwidth and a small port density but a very competitive CapEx. The LN stands for Linux, which backs... Read More
  • Loop O9500R By Loop Telecommunications International

    The Loop-O9500R SDH/SONET IMAP (Integrated Multi-Services Access Platform) is an economical STM-1/4/16 (OC-3/12/48) access multiplexer designed to provide integrated access to STM-1/4/16 (OC-3/12/48) optical lines. Access is provided through either a non-blocking VC11/VC12/VC3/VC4 cross-connect... Read More
  • Loop-H3308 Ethernet over Bonded G.SHDSL.bis By Loop Telecommunications International

    The Loop-H3308 is a standalone device which provides high speed digital transport for Ethernet, V.35 and RS232 point to point applications. The device converts Ethernet, V.35, and RS232 ports over multiple twisted copper pairs by using the 16- TCPAM, 32-TCPAM (G.SHDSL.bis) technology, and the... Read More
  • LubriCurve® Mechanical Trackside Applicators By Whitmore Rail

    Whitmore Rail offers a highly efficient, cost-effective mechanical trackside applicator called LubriCurve.® LubriCurve provides adjustable grease output when and where it’s needed. It increases rail and wheel life, while it reduces wheel squeal and flanging noise. LubriCurve is ideal for high or... Read More