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Products in the Railway Age Buyer's Guide

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  • Immersion Washers By R.G.Hanson

    Sometimes recirculated spray does not solve your cleaning challenge. The next step is to try an immersion system. This usually takes longer, but it can clean internal passages that a spray system cannot reach. We even offer systems that combine both a spray and immersion process to offer the... Read More
  • Impedance Bonds By Twinco Manufacturing Co. Inc.

    Twinco Impedance Bonds are a rugged, high quality, self-contained product, designed for electrified territories that utilize standard insulated joint isolation of signaling currents. With a long history of service and reliability with this product line, Twinco has been able to effectively... Read More
  • Improved-Concrete Crossing By OMNI Products, Inc

    The OMNI Improved-Concrete system incorporates OMNI rubber RailGuard panels with precast concrete panels. The steel-framed, steel-reinforced concrete panels are designed to handle heavy highway traffic, as well as heavy truck traffic. The virgin rubber RailGuard panels cushion load, control... Read More
  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Construction By TransCore Inc.

    With more than 75 years in the transportation industry, TransCore has provided Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) construction, integration, and maintenance services. In that time, transportation technology has changed dramatically; TransCore has led the way by deploying long-term, robust... Read More
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Design By TransCore Inc.

    No matter how complex your transportation design needs are, TransCore is uniquely positioned to help you achieve your goals. Count on our field-tested designs which allow you to maximize your transportation system while minimizing your risk. Our design services are tailored to meet your... Read More
  • Interrail Engineering, Inc. By Interrail Signal, Inc.

    Interrail Engineering, Inc. is made up of a group of highly qualified and experienced people. All of the employees have railroad engineering, design, drafting and/or CADD experience. Several have many years of railway signal experience with Class One railroads. Interrail Engineering, Inc. is... Read More
  • Interrail Power, Inc. By Interrail Signal, Inc.

    Interrail Power, Inc. provides meter services using UL approved Type 3R service boxes. We offer overhead meter service poles as well as underground meter services on wood or concrete pedestals. All of Interrail’s meter services come complete, ready to install in the ground. We also supply step... Read More
  • Interrail Signal, Inc. By Interrail Signal, Inc.

    Interrail Signal provides Class One and Short Line Railroads with Railway Signal Installation, Maintenance, Pole Line Removal, Material Management and Procurement, Training and Supervision. Our field crews are experienced and knowledgeable, some having previously worked in the signal departments... Read More
  • Inverters By Behlman Electronics, Inc.

    An inverter is a power device that transforms DC to AC (Direct Current into Alternating Current). A typical application would be to convert your available battery or DC power to AC to power sensitive electronic devices that require clean, low distortion sine wave inputs (i.e. microprocessor... Read More
  • IP6820 gigabit Ethernet self-healing ring network termination unit (NTU) By Loop Telecommunications International

    The Loop-IP6820 is a gigabit Ethernet self-healing ring network termination unit (NTU). An important protocol supported is G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection on its WAN ports. For ring topologies the IP6820 supports auto-discovery to discover all units on the ring (a maximum of 128) as well as... Read More