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  • Halogen Headlight & Ditch Light Bulbs By JMA Rail Road Supply

    •Our headlight bulb is 32v/250w & Our ditch light bulb is 74v/400w •Equivalent in design and intensity to the PAR-56 200-watt, 30-volt lamp referenced in 49 CFR 229.125 (a) (1), 229.125 (a) (2) and 229.125 (d) (2). •Suitable for use in single or dual-lamp locomotive headlights and... Read More
  • Hang-On Geometry Systems By Holland L.P.

    ArgusTM Gauge Inspector System: Real-Time Gauge Measurement • GPS and encoder are not needed • Wireless communication between system and laptop/tablet • Usable under any conventional hi-rail vehicle with any size trailer hitch (can be provided if vehicle does not have originally) • System unit... Read More
  • Hannay Reels - The Reel Leader - Hose Reels and Wire Reels By RYSX Railroad Equipment Specialists

    Reel Applications: Petroleum Railroad Compressed Air General Industrial Types: Spring Rewind Motorized Rewind Manual/Hand Rewind Air Rewind Hydraulic Rewind Read More
  • HaslerRail on-board event recorder, odometer, fleet management systems By Global Ingress, Inc.

    The principal purpose of train data recording has not changed that much over the last 120 years – speed, acceleration and deceleration are physical regularities, which have not changed. Obviously, recording speed and a few other signals will no longer suffice since trains are more complex than... Read More
  • Hatch Cover Locks By IRECO

    The industry standard in hatch cover locking devices for safety and security. BRAKE HEAD ADAPTER – PART NO. 2795 LOW PROFILE FORGED CONTAINER GUIDE – PART NO. 30538 “SEKUR” COTTER LOCK AND GUARD – PART NO’s. 20317, 20320, 20329 DRAFT KEY RETAINER – PART NO’s. 692, 693 HATCH COVER LOCK –... Read More
  • Heavy Crane Equipment By Aspen Equipment Co.

    Aspen Equipment features heavy crane equipment to easily tackle the toughest jobs in wind, building, construction, plant maintenance, and road & bridges applications. Call us with the requirements of your job and we can match you with a crane to help you reach new heights of productivity. If... Read More
  • Hegenscheidt U2000-400 Underfloor Wheel Lathe By NSH USA Corporation

    The Hegenscheidt Underfloor Wheel Lathe (U2000-400) is a pit-mounted CNC wheel lathe that is easy to use and maintain. Its design represents the highest level of wheel set machining technology. The machine's high degree of use, precision, long service life, and minimal maintenance costs... Read More
  • HEICO-LOCK Combi-Washer By HEICO Fastening Systems

    The Combi-Washer is HEICO’s newest addition to the proven HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washer family of clamp-load securing lock washers. The Combi-Washer offers huge advantages to both OEM and End User in improving existing applications and granting safety & performance measures to new designs. A... Read More
  • HEICO-LOCK Wedge Lock Washers By HEICO Fastening Systems

    HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washers are the perfect solution to ensuring a bolted joint will not self-loosen even under the most trying conditions. Shock loads, extreme thermal influences and high vibration are the bane of keeping bolted joints tight. HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washers are the proven... Read More
  • HEICO-TEC Tensioning Systems By HEICO Fastening Systems

    HEICO-TEC Tensioning Systems family of products includes the HEICO-TEC Tension Nut, Tension Bolt, Reaction Nut and optional Protective Cap. HEICO-TEC Tension Nuts and Tension Bolts provide a cutting edge option for securing 1” or larger diameter bolted joints. HEICO-TEC Tension Nuts offer an... Read More
  • High Security Padlocks By JMA Rail Road Supply

    ABLOY® padlocks have been the market leaders for decades. Independent test results have confirmed that ABLOY® padlocks continue to operate smoothly after the toughest corrosion tests. They are therefore recommended as the best possible choice for unprotected use in severe conditions. Durable... Read More
  • Hoses By PowerRail

    PowerRail, an M-1003 Quality Company offers a complete line of Hoses which meet or exceed OEM specification. Air Exhaust Fluid Fuel Misc. Oil Read More

    V8, V12 and V16 HCNVRs - Patented Hybrid Component™ modular design - (1) 1TB SATA hard drive standard for V8 and V12 - (2) 1TB SATA hard drives standard for V16 - eSATA & SD card slot for redundant recording - Built-in Wi-Fi module - Five (5) year limited warranty - Compatible with a full line... Read More
  • Hydrocarbon Converter By Frelo Solutions LLC

    Frelo Hydrocarbon Converter is a highly effective solution for cleaning oil and diesel spills on pavement and other hard surfaces, in soil, and on ballast. Railroad Maintenance Engineers use it to clean diesel locomotive engine compartments, usually by absorbing puddles with absorbent pads,... Read More