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  • For Lease By Motive Power Resources, Inc.

    Motive Power Resources, Inc. will generally offer any longer term lease with or without maintenance on any available locomotive we have either in inventory or we procure for your particular needs. In addition, we will qualify or rebuild the locomotive to your workscope and specifications. We... Read More
  • F2518 Alerter By Central Railway Manufacturing

    The CRM Alerter is designed for standalone crew alertness applications where no alertness system previously existed or the currently installed system is not equipped to meet the latest FRA requirements. The Alerter supports the following types of connections commonly used by crew alertness... Read More
  • Fastrax® HELLFIRE Gas Fired Blower By Thermon Heating Systems Inc

    Fastrax™ HELLFIRE 400 and HELLFIRE 900 series gas fired blowers consist of a blower, combustion chamber, and ducting system that delivers heated air and combustion by-products to the switch mechanism. The blower is an electrically powered centrifugal fan. Air from the blower enters the... Read More
  • Flat Cars By Everest Railcar Services, Inc.

    Non-intermodal flat cars are a simple car design that can be modified to carry a wide variety of commodities. Everest Railcar Services, Inc. provides several flat car options to shippers ranging in size from 60 to 89 feet. These cars can be provided with or without bulkheads, with wood or steel... Read More
  • Forged Center Plates By Unit Forgings Railroad Product Group

    M-1003 AAR approved supplier of forged Center Plates Read More

    Fully AAR certified, we’re equipped to accommodate any car in your fleet—be it for repairs, modifications, refurbishments, upgrades, or certification/qualification. Freight and tank car owners and leasers throughout North America rely on us for services related to tank cars, boxcars, lumbar... Read More
  • Frequency Converters By Behlman Electronics, Inc.

    Behlman’s Railroad AC signal sources are a ruggedly built, modified COTS frequency converter, designed to convert ground power to regulated single-phase signal sources used to provide isolated signal frequencies. All Behlman Railroad Power Supplies, Inverters and DC-DC converters are ruggedly... Read More
  • Full Depth Heavy Duty (HD) Crossing By OMNI Products, Inc

    The OMNI Heavy Duty rubber grade crossing system is the most durable full-depth rubber crossing available. Made of 100 percent virgin rubber, the Heavy Duty system is designed to withstand repeated punishment of high-speed, heavy traffic loadings. This product's durability, long life and low... Read More