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Products in the Railway Age Buyer's Guide

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  • Design By Sims Professional Engineers

    Sims Professional Engineers provides experience for all your design needs starting with your concept, specification, or performance needs. We can modify and optimize an existing design, or help you develop a totally new one. Whatever your design requirements are, Sims Professional Engineers... Read More
  • Design Engineering and Reverse Engineering By Gasbarre Manufacturing Technologies

    We have a complete design and engineering staff to suite your needs. Whether your work calls for a certified PE, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic or project engineering we can meet all of your needs with our internal staff. Read More

    Increase service life, reduce costs, and ensure the safety of your machines. At CadRI, we repair, rebuild, and distribute diesel engines from EMD/PROGRESS RAIL and GE among other manufacturers. Our experts respond to any component malfunction or engine failure with rapid support and advanced... Read More
  • Diesel Engine Coolant Pumps By Paragon Products, LLC

    Application Many diesel coolant pumps use 30 to 50 year old designs and do not accommodate modern failure prevention techniques. Paragon has developed a series of coolant pumps designed to prevent all common failure modes using proven techniques. Features and Benefits: 10-year service life No... Read More
  • Diesel Engine Fuel Transfer Pumps By Paragon Products, LLC

    Paragon’s diesel engine fuel transfer solutions are marketed to a wide range of large diesel engine manufacturers and end users in a diverse array of industries. The pumps are modeled after our exceptionally reliable locomotive pumps, which have been field-proven under the most grueling... Read More
  • Diesel Fuel Priming Pumps By Paragon Products, LLC

    Application Diesel fuel priming pumps ensure that the high-pressure injection pump has an adequate fuel supply and pressure at its inlet. Typically used just prior to cranking the engine until a mechanically driven low-pressure pump takes over, Paragon’s fuel priming pumps are powered by a... Read More
  • DoorCom Industrial-Grade 2-Way Wireless Intercom By Ritron, Inc.

    The DoorCom® wireless intercom helps maintain security protocols while increasing worker efficiency. DoorCom long-range wireless technology provides a means for visitors or employees to communicate from the outside of a locked door to radio-equipped* staff inside the facility. Workers can stay... Read More
  • Draft Gears By Miner Enterprises, Inc.

    Miner's draft gear line includes a variety of steel-friction and elastomer-friction draft gears for a wide range of service requirements. As a pioneer and industry leader, Miner has over 115 years’ experienceand over 1,000,000 units in service. Miner draft gears are built for maximum protection... Read More
  • Draft Lugs By Unit Forgings Railroad Product Group

    AAR certified forged front and rear Draft Lugs Read More
  • Duplex Tower & Case By Southwire Co.

    Southwire 600V EF EPR/PVC TC Blue Tower and Case Wire is suited for use as relay and associated signal apparatus wiring and for connector wire use in applications where flexibility, ease of termination, small diameters, long lasting performance, and stable service life are required. May be... Read More
  • Duplex Track Wire By Southwire Co.

    Southwire 600V EF EPR/PE Duplex Track Wire is suited for use in track circuits, signal operations, and car retarder and switch machine applications where flexibility, ease of termination, and stable service life are required. May be installed in wet or dry locations, conduit trays or troughs, or... Read More
  • DURASHIELD™ TROUGH HATCH COVER By Miner Enterprises, Inc.

    The longtime leader in hopper car outlet gate design and manufacture, Miner now covers the car from top to bottom. DuraShield hatch covers are available in both round and square end-cover configurations to accommodate most 24” trough designs and are available in all standard lengths. The... Read More
  • Durlon 9000 By Gasket Resources Inc.

    Durlon® 9000 (blue) is a filled-PTFE gasket products used extensively in chemical, pulp and paper, food and beverage, and the railroad tankcar industries. Read More