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  • Cab Signal Master By Ultra-Tech Enterprises Inc.

    Cab Signal Master is a microprocessor based system specially developed to test all cab signal equipment in railroad locomotives and transit cars. Programmable default settings and straight forward operations allow simple "plug it in, turn it on" operation with very little instruction. Read More
  • Cable Glands By AerosUSA, Inc.

    Polyamide Cable Glands and Metal & PVC Cable Glands Read More
  • Camshafts & Crankshafts By JMA Rail Road Supply

    We stock a full range of industrial camshafts ready for immediate shipment, for 567, 645 & 710 engines. New available and rebuilt units for UTEX. Now offering Remanufacturing of Locomotive CRANKSHAFTS! Read More
  • Castings By Anaya Enterprises

    We provide cast iron, white cast iron, wear resistance, SG iron, Stainless Steel, Alloy steel, High alloy steel, Heat resistance steel, High chrome steel casting for various industries. Our engineers have a combined experience of more than 25 years. We manufacture castings by No bake Molding and... Read More
  • CBTC System By Argenia Systems Inc.

    Our CBTC provides for safe passenger train operations by providing resources and systems to support the human operator. Most accidents are caused by human error, so these can be eliminated. The system has three components: the on-board system, the wayside units and the back office system. These... Read More
  • CHMM By Central Railway Manufacturing

    The CHMM employs a modular yet scalable architecture that permits capacity configurations to range from 2GB up to 1 TB, allowing the end-user to cost-optimize memory requirements to their specific application.For data downloads that can be initiated both locally and remotely via one of the... Read More
  • ClassOne® Endpoint Manager By iNEMSOFT

    The ClassOne Endpoint Manager allows you to improve the continuity and operational performance of your business by applying precise rules for the operation, management, discovery, validation and remediation of Avaya IP/SIP telephone endpoints. You can distribute settings and firmware, establish... Read More
  • ClassOne® iCAS Radio Servers By iNEMSOFT

    The ClassOne® iCAS Radio Servers link two-way land mobile radios – such as UHF, VHF, P25 and 700/800MHZ – with telephones, cellular, and mobile devices. As a result, you can seamlessly connect and collaborate in ways previously impossible. The ClassOne iCAS helps you eliminate interoperability... Read More
  • ClassOne® IP Radio Gateways By iNEMSOFT

    The ClassOne® IP/SIP Radio Gateway provides full interoperability and bridging over SIP-based communications between various radio types and the telephone network at a lower cost. The Radio Gateway provides full support for radio-to-radio bridging, inbound and outbound dialing, and mobile radio... Read More
  • ClassOne® IP/SIP Operator Console By iNEMSOFT

    The ClassOne® IP/SIP Operator Console allows you to dispatch, command and control field operations from anywhere in your network using our full-featured consoles. You can steadily manage inbound and outbound radio and telephone traffic during normal operations and emergency situations. The... Read More
  • Coatings For Steel Strapping Systems By Williams-Hayward Protective Coatings, Inc.

    Since 1964, Williams Hayward has been the primary supplier to the leading provider of steel strapping systems in the world. This strapping must withstand travel by air, rail, road and sea in all types of weather, for all types of transport demands. WHPC steel strap coatings are environmentally... Read More
  • Color Matching for Powder Coatings By Williams-Hayward Protective Coatings, Inc.

    Williams Hayward can custom match any Pantone or RAL color. Williams Hayward Protective Coatings provides custom colors starting with only 250 lbs minimums with 7-10 business day delivery and excellent pricing. Simply send WHPC your color standards for price quote and matching. If your business... Read More

    Explore our line of industry standard Color Light Signal Heads, Dwarf Signals, Flag and Switch lamps, or browse our range of replacement parts and accessories, all manufactured and distributed from our 50,000 sq ft facility centrally located in Springfield, Missouri. Read More
  • Common rail injection system for Diesel engines By Global Ingress, Inc.

    Even big things start small. The same is true for the Common Rail injection technology for diesel engines. We are proud to be part of this evolution from the beginning – since 1978. At that time, we realized the immense potential of the technology. Ganser CRS Common Rail injection systems are a... Read More
  • Components, Rebuilt & Utex By Motive Power Resources, Inc.

    Motive Power Resources, Inc. offers a full line of quality rebuilt components on either a unit exchange or outright purchase basis. Components are rebuilt to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications or to your individual company specifications. In addition to stocking a large... Read More
  • Conduits By AerosUSA, Inc.

    Polyamide, Metal and PVC Conduits Read More
  • Construction Inspection / Project Observers By National Railroad Safety Services, Inc.

    NRSS provides Construction Inspection/Project Observers to work on behalf of railroads to monitor construction activities within the railroad’s right of way. They work directly with the contractors to ensure that the contractors understand what they can and can’t do inside the railroad’s right... Read More
  • Consulting By BNSF Logistics, LLC

    We want to help you write your next transportation success story. Our extensive service offering, combined with our team providing creative and proactive ideas, ensures that we can develop the optimum solution for you for your logistics challenge, no matter what industry you’re in. Our supply... Read More
  • Consulting and Engineering Services with DB E&C By Global Ingress, Inc.

    United Rail and DB Engineering & Consulting, the engineering and consulting arm of Deutsche Bahn, the German national railroad operator, are inaugurating a local US operation. The goal of this collaboration is to identify US projects on which DB International can provide scope out of... Read More
  • Contact Assemblies By Hoyt Corporation

    With almost a century of industry experience, at Hoyt Corporation, manufacturing electrical contact assemblies is our primary strength. We produce finished contact assemblies made chiefly from high-density refractory metal compositions of silver or copper blended with tungsten or molybdenum, as... Read More
  • Contact Resistance Measurement System By Ultra-Tech Enterprises Inc.

    The CRMS is a system designed to allow any user to measure the resistance of each set of relay contacts associated with the relay under test. The test system consists of a CONTACT RESISTANCE MEASUREMENT UNIT (CRMU), a MULTIPLE RELAY TEST RACK, as well as an interconnect CABLE ASSEMBLY. Either DC... Read More
  • Contract Testing By Holland L.P.

    Holland's contract testing vehicles (TrackSTAR®) will simultaneously collect track geometry, track strength, and rail profile measurement data to provide a comprehensive assessment of your track condition, primarily from a safety perspective, but also to help direct you to the most effective use... Read More
  • Conveyors Washers By R.G.Hanson

    The Hanson conveyor washer is built to clean even the dirtiest of parts. With the proper chemical and process, this washer can meet or exceed your cleanliness specifications. Details: - Conveyor widths from 12" to 48" - Work height from 6" to 48" - Weight capacity up to 200 pounds per square... Read More
  • Covered Hoppers By RGCX, LLC

    RGCX offeres a full range of covered hopper cars. Our gravity-discharge fleet includes 2-pocket, 3-pocket and 4-pocket car configurations to support various markets such as sand, cement, granular minerals, grains and grain products. We have lined 3-pocket cars with granite/pneumatic discharge... Read More
  • Covered Hoppers By VTG Rail, Inc.

    VTG Rail is proud to provide shippers many options when considering our available covered hopper rail cars. We have a variety of sizes to fit your specific rail car needs. Below we have photo previews for your convenience. VTG Rail is dedicated to your satisfaction which is why we offer expert... Read More
  • Covered Hoppers By Everest Railcar Services, Inc.

    Covered hoppers are a heavily used car type due to their ability to keep the products they haul dry. Cars are loaded from the top via hatches and unloaded from outlet gates or valves. Covered hoppers are offered in many sizes and configurations ranging from 2,700 – 6,500 cu.ft. Gravity and... Read More
  • Cragg Railcharger® Battery Chargers By Railway Equipment Company - RECO

    Cragg Railcharger® battery chargers from Railway Equipment Co. include the ETC, SMC (pictured) and battery chargers; traditional SCR style battery chargers with or without a digital interface and communication connections, switch mode power supply battery chargers to minimize power consumption,... Read More
  • Creative Railcar Stencilling Services By Creative Railcar Marketing Services II LLC

    CRS provides an alternative to your reflectorization, inspection, and stencilling needs. We have inspectors that work with us throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. Our support personel, track, design trips, and works with our large network of inspectors to assist in the completion of projects... Read More
  • Creative Transloading Services By Creative Railcar Marketing Services II LLC

    We offer a variety of equipment for liquids, gas, and solids. Whether you are located Rail, Port, or Road Side, we are there to assist you in finding the most efficient and effective equipment for your transloading needs. Whether is is crude oil specialty chemicals, LPG, sand, etc., we can help. Read More
  • Crossing Controller By Argenia Systems Inc.

    Grade crossings systems detect trains approaching a roadway crossing and activates the signals and lowers the gates. When the train leaves, it lifts the gates and deactivates the signals and bells. These are common traits of all crossings. For a single track with 25 second advanced warning for... Read More
  • Crossing Signal Engineering By CTC, Inc.

    From the complex signal project to the standard one, CTC’s signal engineering staff will deliver the right crossing signal design for your project. In addition to signal engineering, we can also review your project, and, if warranted, recommend a solution that better fits the requirements of... Read More
  • CURL 1-Wire Push-To-Talk Earpiece By Klein Electronics Inc

    The Power of comfort. C-Ring Earloop. Left or Right Ear. Speaker rests on ear for all-day comfort. In-line Microphone with PTT. Read More
  • Custom Fabrication By Western Towers

    Western Towers is dedicated to providing excellent products to our customers. Our towers, antenna mounts, ladders, platforms, wave-guide ladders, etal, are built in San Angelo, Texas. Our goal is to deliver to our customers a quality product at a competitive price in a timely manner. Each... Read More
  • Custom Fabrication By Gasbarre Manufacturing Technologies

    From powder processing to parts handling, Gasbarre provides a wide range of fabrication capabilities that can be customized to meet each customer’s unique needs and applications. High Temp Alloy Fabrications Gasbarre is a leading manufacturer of fabricated high temperature alloy and stainless... Read More
  • Custom Manufacturing By Anaya Enterprises

    One of the leading custom manufacturing facility based in India. To uphold our reputation we are always looking for new ways to help our customers solve their burning issues and help them attain their goals. Having set high standards for delivering quality products while developing long lasting... Read More
  • Custom Rail Graphics By Reidler Railroad Graphics

    Reidler can custom produce any decal you may require to your precise guidelines. Our technicians will work with you and develop prototypes to evaluate and make certain they meet your requirements. Just email or send us your drawings. If needed, we can always provide you with artwork and create... Read More
  • Custom Railroad Truck Fabrication By Aspen Equipment Co.

    Aspen Equipment designs and fabricates railroad trucks to meet your specific needs. We have an experienced project management team that works with our technicians to ensure your vehicle is built right the first time. We build trucks that will meet or exceed all safety and quality standards that... Read More
  • CWI Construction By CWI Railroad System Specialists

    With a foundation in the meter proving industry combined with an "I can do that" attitude, CWI has grown to be a premier provider of numerous requirements of a Locomotive Service Center. When you partner with CWI you are adding to your team a complete design and build group that specializes in... Read More
  • CWI Meter Proving By CWI Railroad System Specialists

    The roots of CWI lie in the meter proving industry. Our sister company C&W Meter Service, Inc. is the leader in the mobile pipeline, petroleum, and petrochemical meter proving industry. It is no wonder that CWI would offer Meter Proving service to the rail road industry. The only way you will be... Read More
  • CWI On-Call Services By CWI Railroad System Specialists

    Service is a partnership. CWI has provided dependable On-call Services for the Railroad industry for decades and will continue in the future. We understand your industry and respect the fact that time is money. We can fix almost anything. From frozen condensation in your air lines or fuel pump... Read More
  • CWI Sand System Maintenance By CWI Railroad System Specialists

    CWI services all sand conveyance systems. If we only serviced our own Sand systems our Sand Service technicians would be very lonely since our Sand system has been engineered to minimize long term maintenance issues. That definitely is not the case with our competition. Transporting sand, via... Read More
  • CWI Yard Air By CWI Railroad System Specialists

    Yard air is yet another necessary evil for an aging rail yard. With underground carbon steel pipe that has been in place for 25 years or worse yet above ground with all of those condensation and freezing issues there comes a time that a reliable engineered solution is needed. Underground HDPE... Read More