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  • The new non-mechanical Aspen Drive System has a design patent pending, requires virtually no maintenance, and can cost less than half of some traditional mechanical systems. The increased speed of up to 6 mph and easy to use radio remote control boost operator productivity. Unlike mechanical drives, it’s impossible to drive through the system causing catastrophic damage which is attractive to both rental fleets and fleet managers.

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (November 12, 2014)—Aspen Equipment Co. announces the release of its new Aspen Drive System which is a revolutionary, non-mechanical self-propel drive system that interfaces with OEM chassis software and hardware for easier operation and increased safety and efficiency over traditional mechanical systems. According to Aspen Equipment’s VP of operations, Todd Foster, who was integral in the system’s design, “Aspen Equipment answered the industry’s need for greater safety, efficiency and ergonomics. With an intuitive radio remote control, a single operator does not need to climb up and down from his post as the system ‘talks’ with the Allison transmission and chassis Engine Control Module (ECM) to control forward/neutral/reverse shifting, service braking, emergency braking and acceleration.” The Aspen Drive System has a design patent pending and it’s been very well received by Aspen Equipment customers, especially when they learn of its price vs. a traditional drive system and the fact that it simply interfaces with the proven Allison automatic transmission, minimizing potential mechanical issues. Foster continues, “The Aspen Drive System can go up to 6 mph vs. competitive systems which usually go about 3½ mph. It’s also easy to install, has positive braking for safety, it’s impossible to drive through it so users can’t damage anything—and there’s virtually nothing to maintain beyond standard chassis maintenance.”

Foster explains, “The pricing and complexity to install bolt-on, mechanical drive systems became a barrier and led us to design our own system for our rental fleet and customers in railroad, bridge inspection and paint striping applications.” Whereas other mechanical systems can require up to 100 hours to install at a cost of $30,000-40,000+ and have a high potential for damage and a $20,000 repair bill if the operator doesn’t use it precisely as directed—this new drive system is set to revolutionize the industry.”

Since its introduction, the Aspen Drive System has been well-received by the industry. To learn more, see a demo, or request pricing for your application, call rail sales manager Bruce Harrod at (612) 719-4411 or email him at: [email protected].

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