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Railway Equipment Co. (RECo) Welcomes Unrelenting Winter with Sno-NET®

Press Release from Railway Equipment Company - RECO

Dec. 11, 2014 (Minneapolis, MN)- With temperatures dropping and a continuing growth in demand for freight rail service, the need to monitor and maintain wayside assets intensifies. With a personal understanding of arduous winter conditions, Railway Equipment Co. (RECo) has developed Sno-NET ® . For over 30 years RECo. has been a leader in offering innovated solutions to railways’ biggest issues, thus Sno-NET ® has become an invaluable resource in remotely monitoring assets in harsh winter conditions.

Utilizing Sno-NET ®, railroad customers can protect track switches from malfunctioning due to ice and snow by leveraging the latest technology in sensing and control heating designs. The Sno-NET ® system communicates via Wi-Fi to report live data and/or notify railroad managers about problems with their assets via email or text to a mobile device. This software platform maintains productivity and efficiency as all data is organized and customizable. Users are able to remotely diagnose equipment to reduce multiple site visits to diagnose and correct the malfunction.

Additionally, the system provides the ability for railroad companies to transform their gas hot air blower maintenance from periodic to event based maintenance. It will no longer be imperative that maintainers audit gas hot air blowers on a periodic basis. Instead, they will be alerted by Sno-NET ® when a unit is malfunctioning. The system provides safety as maintainers are not driving in dangerous weather conditions to arrive at a site with no propane.  Currently, the system is used on three Class-1 Railroads.

The Sno-NET ® s ystem with its enhanced operational capabilities will yield fuel, unscheduled service trips, and train delay savings conservatively estimated at $3,100 per year. Sno-NET ® provides growth without stress, the ability to manage your switch heaters better in order to increase processing, reduce delays, and lower costs.

Along with switch heaters, the system monitors lubricants, battery chargers, voltage monitors and switch machines.

For more information visit Railway Equipment Company online at www.rwy.com, or call (763) 972-2200.