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Railway Equipment Co. (RECo) Announces New Switch Mode Charger

Press Release from Railway Equipment Company - RECO

Nov. 11, 2014 - Railway Equipment Co. (RECo) has announced additions and improvements to its high-efficiency, reliable Cragg Railcharger switch mode power supply battery charger line, including a new 60 amp Switch Mode Charger (SMC) that is one of the first SMC battery chargers that can produce 60 amps at voltage ranging from 7 to 19.6 volts.

The charger’s greater capacity can accommodate the increased power requirements that are a result of the Positive Train Control (PTC) initiative, as well as various other increases in the amount of wayside equipment that needs reliable, backup power systems, the company says. By leveraging a switch mode power supply technology instead of the traditional silicon controlled rectifier power supply, the charger achieves up to 90% efficiency resulting in lower operating costs.

The innovative technology in these battery chargers results in a unit that is significantly smaller and lighter accommodating space and ergonomic concerns. The chargers also include a memory card that logs current, temperature, and voltage, and is easy to install and maintain. By integrating remote monitoring capabilities provided by RRAMAC, railroads are able to monitor conditions in real-time resulting in greater system reliability. Currently the charger is in service on three North American Class I railroads, the company says, adding that all RECo products are manufactured in Gaylord, MN.