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Products by Creative Railcar Marketing Services II LLC
  • Creative Railcar Stencilling Services

    CRS provides an alternative to your reflectorization, inspection, and stencilling needs. We have inspectors that work with us throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. Our support personel, track, design trips, and works with our large network of inspectors to assist in the completion of projects... Read More
  • Creative Transloading Services

    We offer a variety of equipment for liquids, gas, and solids. Whether you are located Rail, Port, or Road Side, we are there to assist you in finding the most efficient and effective equipment for your transloading needs. Whether is is crude oil specialty chemicals, LPG, sand, etc., we can help. Read More
  • Track Maintenance & Removal

    Sometimes, track conditions become beyond repair. When it is time to pull up that old track, call CRMS! Whether you need to pull it up for scrap or relay, CRMS has crews to suit your needs. Let CRMS do all of the hard work for you. We can pull the track, arrange for transportation, and sell... Read More
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